About Us

Tim Ponzek & Lisa Pressman created Opus Fromus as a destination for all their artistic passions – composing, arranging, producing, recording, and performing!

Tim Ponzek is a prolific composer, arranger and singer-songwriter who has created a vast discography of original Contemporary Americana songs. Tim says “I love writing songs and have spent a lifetime perfecting this 3-minute art form. I grew up listening to everything from Hank Williams to The Beatles. Taking a new song from idea to a finished recording - this is what I do.”

Lisa Pressman is a pianist, vocalist, and composer. Lisa’s passion is to create vocally inspired melodies within sophisticated harmonies that lift the listener out of their everyday thoughts and concerns to guide them to their 'happy place'. As Lisa often says, “A moment of healing lasts forever, and my hope is that listeners will take away with them the sense of beauty and peace that I feel is instilled within our music.”

Opus Fromus is the one-stop record label for Tim Ponzek & Lisa Pressman, who are the artists, composers, producers, and publisher. All their recordings are released on their indie label Opus Fromus, and they own 100% of their music and masters (Opus Fromus Publishing, BMI). Their catalog offers the listener everything from heartfelt Americana Singer-Songwriter to lush New Age and jazzy Contemporary Instrumentals, poetic Country to vibey Neo-Retro Pop, and a joyful variety of uplifting Christmas songs. Tim & Lisa are always ready to customize their music to your production!