New Age Contemporary Instrumental

Composer-pianist-vocalist Lisa Pressman creates a sense of beauty and peace with her dreamy New Age melodies and layers of ethereal voices; and the collaboration of Lisa Pressman & Tim Ponzek offers sensual melodies and refreshing harmonies with lush orchestrations in their Contemporary Instrumental soundscapes.

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"...Pressman strikes an excellent balance between heart and mind. Revealing their creator's keen, analytical sensibility, the compositions are sophisticated in their construction, yet a vivid emotional dimension is expressed too. Her attempt to give authentic voice to nostalgia, joy, melancholy, serenity, and appreciation is successfully realized in the performances. That she's a vocalist as well as pianist is intimated by the vocal-like character of the songs' melodies, which one could imagine being sung as easily as played..."

Ron Schepper, textura

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"It is a real pleasure to review this new album from Lisa Pressman entitled Quiet Goodbye, this has to be one of the most ambient and calming solo piano albums I have listened to in years. Pressman has a way with the piano; it is an extension not only of her own body, but of her heart and soul and on this brand new offering there are ten blissful compositions to confirm that statement ..."

Steve Sheppard, One World Music

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"The talents of this eminent musician are far reaching and equally balanced. The fact that Lisa is a singer as well as a pianist directly and beautifully impacts the sound quality and timbre of melodic construction. A deep sense of peace prevails and beckons elegant listeners in. Serenity and healing is always within her music and that will last us forever..."

Kerry Barnes, New Age Music Planet

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"Quiet Goodbye, is a ten-track, calming, solo piano “dreamscape,” with an effortless, flowing quality to every piece. Performed on Lisa’s Bösendorfer Concert Grand piano, each composition here is adapted from original recordings on her other albums that included expansive orchestrations and layered vocals, distilled here into wonderfully intimate solo piano pieces..."

Dyan Garris, New Age CD / New Age Notes Radio

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Quiet Goodbye

Imagine an artist’s brush painting you into an intimate dreamscape, very calm and hushed. This is Quiet Goodbye by Lisa Pressman – ten new exquisite piano solos performed by Lisa on her beloved Bösendorfer Concert Grand piano. This is music from deep within Lisa’s heart and soul, flowing effortlessly from her fingertips to you.

Painting Water

sparkling and gently floating serenity

A Drink From A Waterfall

cascading melodies quietly build to a sonorous waterfall

Forever And A Day

sensually soothing and expressive

Quiet Goodbye

hushed emotions serenely expressed

One Inch = A Thousand Miles

introspective and spacious

Lighter Than Air

ascending naturally skyward


the rhythm of a gracefully swaying willow tree

Seven Days Of Winter

expressing the tranquil joy of winter

So Long Ago

a dreamy reverie of faraway moments

Awaken To A Dream

tender melodies awaken us from one dream to another

"...I’m happy to report that “As We Imagine” contains a small masterpiece! The song “Atmosphere of Love,” reminiscent of Suzanne Ciani’s #1 hit “The Velocity of Love,” is beautiful beyond words..."

BT Fasmer, New Age Music Guide

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"...A perfect accompaniment for massage, acupuncture and other healing arts, this album is certain to lift your spirits while simultaneously calming the senses!"

Candice Michelle, Aural Awakenings

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"It has been a while since keyboardist and composer Lisa Pressman released a new album, but As We Imagine was well worth the wait. She has gifted us with ten light, dynamic ambient tunes that power those flights of fancy that we need and crave..."

R J Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews

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"We’re excited to present an interview with Lisa Pressman. She’s a composer, pianist and singer based in Phoenix, Arizona who recently released her fifth album, As We Imagine, which embodies a classic new age sound that’s refreshingly modern. So please tune-in for an enlightening conversation and sonic imagination!"

Candice Michelle, Aural Awakenings

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As We Imagine

As We Imagine features Lisa Pressman on 7' Bösendorfer Concert Grand Piano and Vocal Textures performing ten breathtaking New Age compositions co-written and produced with Tim Ponzek. Each song is lovingly arranged with interwoven layers of Tim's dreamy synth orchestrations and Lisa's lingering piano melodies. Lisa's ethereal vocalise is highlighted on five of the ten tracks. Each song on As We Imagine slowly builds, ebbing and flowing, to create a cinematic listening experience.

As We Imagine

Lyrical and languid waltz

Amber Waves

Gently undulating synths underscore piano with vocal harmonies

Atmosphere of Love

Cascading melodic textures build to a vocalise interlude

Far Away Dreams

Hauntingly beautiful piano melodies

Sea of Tranquility

Subtle synth pulses support sweeping piano melody & vocalise

Still Small Voice

Mystical and meditative with a delicate piano motif

Voyage Home

Soothing anthem with a sweeping neo-classical piano melody

Sheltering Wings

Uplifting piano-scape builds to angelic vocal harmonies

Hidden Treasure

Percolating synths lead to calming vocal textures

At First Light

Inspirational waltz with layers of rhythmic motifs

Teacher Mother Sister Daughter

Teacher Mother Sister Daughter

Re-mixed and re-mastered, this is a starkly moving portrayal of the destruction and loss caused by domestic violence. With words and music by Tim Ponzek, Lisa’s poignant vocal dramatizes the tragic realities of Domestic Violence in our world today.

Safe In God

Safe In God

Safe In God was created by Tim Ponzek & Lisa Pressman to uplift and comfort us all. A fusion of Tim’s soulful Americana voice to Lisa’s heavenly New Age piano and vocals is truly captivating!

Tie-Dyed Love

Groovy Neo-Retro 60's Lounge features stylized vocals of Lisa Pressman with vibey electric guitars, harpsichord and organ by Tim Ponzek

Summer Of Love

Vibey guitars evoke the spirit of 1967 San Francisco

Sandalwood And Love Beads

Organ melody feature over a cool 60's Rock groove

Hour Of The Flower

Layers of Retro guitars celebrate Flower Power

Tie-Dyed Love

Retro 60's groove dripping in vibey guitars

Groovy And Single

Bachelor pad cool in a Bossa Nova

Love In

Groovy 1960's Retro French Pop features harpsichord

Expecting Miracles

Heartfelt songs of hope and joy to uplift the spirit

The Poetry Of God

Inspirational ballad

When Hope Makes A Wish

A musical prayer of hope, faith and love to lift us up

Deep In The Mist

New Age reverie inspired by the book “The Mists Of Avalon” by Marion Zimmer Bradley, featuring intimate piano, classical guitar and fretless bass

Expecting Miracles

A classical vocalise with a nod to Serge Rachmaninoff

When The Spirits Move You

Upbeat and joyful invitation to dance with the angels

Above Beyond

Celestial journey of hope featuring dreamy piano and tranquil vocals

Seven Days Of Winter

Rich musical landscape of winter

All Because Of You

A beautiful instrumental with a lush "Lisa and Tim Choir" of mid-century styled vocalise

Not Without Hope

Uplifting song expressing hope and faith in our lives

One By One

Poignant ballad about our desire for love and forgiveness

Perfect Calm

Floating meditation of Lisa's piano and vocalise with sumptuous strings


As simple as a haiku, this prayer helps us to remember God's presence

When Hopes Makes A Wish (Instrumental)

Instrumental version featuring piano

Not Without Hope (Instrumental)

Instrumental version featuring piano

Tomorrow The World

Mid-Century instrumental pop and orchestrated jazzy lounge styles features Lisa Pressman’s piano and vocalese with Tim Ponzek’s classical guitar

Garden Path

Happy piano melody with nylon-string guitar in a smooth groove

The Way Around

Jazz-rock groove interwoven with piano, guitar, vocalise and a string trio

Forever And A Day

Sensual bolero featuring classical guitar melody

Wide Open Spaces

Up-tempo journey across a vast melodic landscape with piano melody and vocalise

A Drink From A Waterfall

Impressionistic ballad with piano melody and vocalise leads to cascading Methany-esque layers of piano, guitars and synths

Tomorrow The World

Tiki lounge cool with lush vocalise highlight Esquivel-like Latin bass and percussion groove with piano and guitar melodies

One Small Step

Poignant waltz with piano and guitar melody framed by a string quartet

Secret Poodle Dance

Poodles dancing with castanets! Piano, guitar and bass share a two-part melody a la Chick Corea leading to a Nuevo-flamenco guitar solo followed by floating Lisa vocals

No Wonder

Uplifting jazzy shuffle features piano melody

Awaken To A Dream

Languid and mystical ballad with piano and guitar interplay leading to lush female vocalise and synths

Mission At Tumacocori

Lilting Spanish-flavored waltz with melody shared by classical guitar and piano

De Pura Casualidad

Cumbia rhythms with piano melody, jazz harmonies and layers of acoustic guitars

Sudden Mercy

Introspective melody shared by piano and classical guitar with haunting female vocalise

The Happy Hipster

Up-tempo 60’s mod fun with piano, guitar, harpsichord and female vocalise

If The Sky Was Home

The origins of Tim and Lisa’s unique signature instrumentals that feature piano, vocalese and classical guitar

Beneath A Million Stars

Cumbia flavored mid-tempo portrait of a midnight sky

To Fly To Glide To Soar

Percolating rhythms underscore the sensations of flying

If The Sky Was Home

Ballad of homecoming featuring piano, guitar and vocalise

Tan Azul Como Siempre

Latin Bolero featuring classical guitar

Violet Summer

Americana waltz featuring piano and vocalise with string quartet and guitar

Above The Trees

Upbeat melody and driving rhythms with layers of guitars and mandolin

Moonlight Dancing

Interwoven guitars accompany playful piano melodies

Lighter Than Air

Sensual piano and guitar ballad builds into a lush orchestration


Mixing tango and bolero, a solo bass opens this haunting refrain shared by classical guitar, piano and violin

Three Wishes

Introduced by a guitar prelude, a jazzy piano melody in a unique 3/4 rhythm leads to a chant-like vocalise and lush orchestration

Caught On A Breeze

Mid-tempo shuffle collects melodies and motifs like so many leaves floating on a breeze across the sky


Introspective ballad featuring guitar melody and plaintive piano accompaniment

After The Rain Falls

Mid-tempo groove expresses the feeling of "calm" after a storm

Tell Me Your Dreams

Tell Me Your Dreams

Dream love becomes real

Tell Me Your Dreams (Instrumental)

Lisa’s dreamy and intimate piano

Mister Sandman

Spellbinding arrangement with Lisa’s layered vocals

Tell Me Your Dreams (Instrumental)

Tell Me Your Dreams (Instrumental)

Lisa’s dreamy and intimate piano

Tell Me Your Dreams

Dream love becomes real

Mister Sandman

Spellbinding arrangement with Lisa’s layered vocals

Mister Sandman

Mister Sandman

Spellbinding arrangement with Lisa’s layered vocals

Tell Me Your Dreams

Dream love becomes real

Tell Me Your Dreams (Instrumental)

Lisa’s dreamy and intimate piano

Angel Dreaming: A New Dream

A magical New Age journey

To Be Free

Soft and dreamy featuring piano and keyboards

The Magic Of Your love

Moving piano improvisations with lush synth pads

Keep This Night

Sensual ballad with piano with rich string orchestration

Angel Dreaming

Charming piano waltz of angelic inspiration

Earthen Dance

Effervescent piano melodies and synths

Wrapped In The Love

Dreamy intimate piano with delicate orchestrations

He's Had Better Days

Lisa's sweeping piano melodies and intricate improvisations

So Long Ago

Haunting piano themes with classically romantic orchestration


Floating synth melodies, percolating rhythms with joyful piano

Waltz Of Serenity

Expressive neo-classical waltz


Romantic and pensive piano floats upon sweeping synths

A Fighting Chance

Rubato piano improvisations with lush orchestration build to a piano melody with sweeping synths